Unfortunately, there is no how to guide handed to us as we leave the hospital with our new bundles. All we have is our community, common sense and experience having gone through this ourselves. We thought we had it all in hand until we realized there was a new influencer in our children's lives. One so pervasive that traditional parenting and limitations would no longer apply - TECHNOLOGY.

Clearly, there are many benefits of technology when used as a tool. But unfettered media consumption is a serious and growing issue which is taking over our children's lives, socially handicapping them and destroying the future fabric of society.  It’s tempting to dismiss modern distractions as harmless—akin to memories of chatting on the phone connected to a curly cord, watching hours of TV together and jamming to our favorite albums none of which resulted in any harm. But this is a whole new world.

The big tech companies driven by advertising models rely upon a growing tech addiction. What's more their offerings have created a dopamine filled Pavlovian response which is hard for even adults to escape from. With the recent gamification of these offerings, our youth have been sucked in and taken over before they even realize they have given up control.

Need proof? There are thousands of books, reams of data and dozens of studies that quantify the dangers of unbalanced media consumption on adolescents. ScreenAge Bootcamp was designed to cull through all of the masses of information, examine all of the "helpful" apps, listen to specialists in the field and create an integrated solution that will enable you and your family to take back control from digital addiction. As parents, our main objective is to raise children that become responsible adults.

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