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ScreenAge Bootcamp was formed in response the public outcry from families who are concerned about the threats of addictive media, yet frustrated by the lack of viable and comprehensive solutions to the problem. The moms of ScreenAge Bootcamp have created a way to help families take back control of technology with their programs.

A Totally New New Approach

Creating New, Healthy Habits for Tech-Life Balance

Make Your Screen Contract Work Course

Lesson 1: Understand Your Parenting Style

Understanding the default methods you use to influence your children's behavior is a critical first step. 

Lesson 2: Define Your Family Values

Before you teach your child what's important to your family, you have to know what you value most to build a solid foundation. 

Lesson 3: Customizing Your Contract

Uncover what you want to include in your family's screen contract and learn how others have worked to create a living document for their family.

Lesson 4: Preparing for the Talk

We'll give you the tools you need to share your family's screen contract with your teens without drama.

Where do I go Next?

By understanding the real struggles that your teenager lives with to balance the addictive nature of online and tech-media today, you will be able to empathize with what they are going through and finally bring balance into their life, and your's, so the tech never takes control again.

Learn how to guide your teen to use technology as a tool for a better life, not as a social crutch. Get access to this program today.

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Your Coaches:

Meet Marissa...

In 2014 I felt the negative impact of technology in my home and started building systems to combat tech addiction. As screens proliferated every aspect of life, I refined my approach and immersed myself in the science of addiction, teen brain development and parenting trends. Using this information, I built a foundation for my family to create healthy habits around tech use and maintain tech-life balance. Over the last several years, I participated in a game-changing series of productivity boot camps which gave me the idea to help parents benefit from my knowledge. After aligning with my wonderful partner Sherri - the Ying to my Yang - in 2017, we spent nearly a year to create a unique solution for all parents and we're thrilled to finally share it with you.


Meet Sherri...

After having children, I chose to adapt my business career to my new priorities. I spent many years volunteering by leading public service projects and fulfilling roles in both public and private local schools. Being a problem solver at heart and having spent much time with both educators and families, I look forward to applying my experience to delivering curriculum at ScreenAge Bootcamp to help fellow parents bring balance to their homes and raise resilient, confident children.


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Try the ScreenAge Bootcamp Make Your Screen Contract Work course. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the content and the product, after watching the entire course, request a refund within 28 days and the money you paid will be returned to you.

"Beyond the challenges of normal adolescence, my son is dyslexic, so he has to try 3x as hard to get good grades and he finds the work boring. Agreeing to boundaries around screen use was a huge help. His focus improved, he learned to manage his time, set goals and even got an internship in his with music producer! We’re thrilled."


"Putting a screen contract in place has brought life back into our home. My wife and I started with the no cell phone at the dinner table, then looked at restricting time for our girls. It would not have been possible without a screen contract. Thank you Marissa and Sherri!"


"Most parents know they have to do something about screen overuse, but it’s hard to know what to do first. This course helped so MUCH! The content is excellent, the worksheets are valuable, and the way it’s delivered is truly unique. This course led me to revelations about how technology is affecting me, my children and society as a whole."


"Raising two teenage girls as a single dad is tough enough in the analog world, and screens add more friction to the parent-teen relationship. It’s unrealistic to cut off the benefits of tech media  because it is how my kids stay connected to their friends. It’s a relief to have a trusted guide to coach us through the new habits to develop around tech use."


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a self-paced curriculum comprised of modules that include video lessons, printable transcripts, downloadable worksheets, related links and access to our private Facebook community. We provide coaching in the group and members can connect with other like-minded parents, ask for support or share victories. In addition, you’ll get lifetime access to the content and community and as we update and improve it over time.

Changing habits is hard and you’ll need accountability and support. Most of us have already tried to solve the problem with an app, a template or a book – but those are siloed, didactic solutions. The screen parenting topic is ideal for online learning - it’s designed for busy parents who need flexible schedules. Our ability to deliver sophisticated, interactive instruction has never been better. We’ve pulled together several modalities to communicate complex theories in practical, easy to understand, actionable lessons. If you choose to you can be sitting in your pajamas on the living room couch watching the videos -- it makes learning relaxing and even fun. And being online we can reach far more parents like you who need to know these tools and strategies too.

YES! It’s a proven solution to create lasting change. An entire industry has emerged to sell parents peace of mind about unhealthy screen use. We have already bought, installed and tried most of these “solutions” and will recommend only what works in real life. Our courses are a living breathing resource that we continue to update over time. Screen overuse can’t be solved by a one size fits all solution. Armed with the knowledge, guidance and support to make difficult, yet healthy behavior changes, you’ll feel a newfound confidence in the way you parent. How much would you pay for that? In addition, you’ll be one of the few people taking ACTION to address one of modern society’s biggest challenges for this generation of parents raising teenagers.

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