How it Works

What's better than an app, easier than turning off wifi and lasts longer than taking the device away? Our totally new approach to behavior change. Our program is a fully integrated system of information, actionable tools, technology aids and small group coaching. The program is available immediately and can be adapted to each family's needs. You simply log in, watch the lessons, do the homework and share in our members only community. With our support, taking control of technology only requires about 15 minutes per day!

Learn Systems

Technology has changed the we learn, live and love. Here's your parenting re-boot for raising digital natives. The entertaining lessons are packed with the latest research and tips on how to create healthy new habits that stick. After each lesson you download and complete the worksheets. 

Get Support

We're here to help! Ask questions, share your struggles and brag about triumphs in this moderated, Members Only Group! You'll be amazed at the insights, support and hacks we come up with as a group. Also in this group we will be adding premium content and hosting live Q&As.

Take Action

After completing the coursework, engaging with the community and doing the worksheets, it's time to put your new knowledge to work! You'll feel better equipped have difficult conversations and change bad habits. All materials are available for reference in course and we encourage you to come back to the group and share.

1 - Choose the subscription that fits your family

We offer two subscriptions: Bootcamp Basic and Bootcamp Plus.

Bootcamp Basic includes the video tutorial "Getting Started with a Screen Contract", downloadable templates and access to a private, moderated online community.

Bootcamp Plus includes the course "Make Your Screen Contract Work", downloadable templates and worksheets, a private online members-only group with parent coaching and Monthly, Live Q&A's. Enroll on the monthly basis as needed, or commit to a full year and enjoy a 20% discount.

2 - Join our private community

Get support from other parents working towards tech-life balance in the ScreenAge and we will be there to help. Join our Members-only online community to connect with other parents experiencing the same problems, share solutions and get feedback from the coaches. Also enjoy new premium, seasonal content -- editorial, reviews, tools and more. 


3 - Take Action!

You'll get an email with your login credentials, bookmark the page in your browser, login and you'll get instant access to the course. We recommend you watch and do the homework for one lesson per week. Then, take new the knowledge and reflection you've done in the course and apply it to your family. 

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