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Our professional backgrounds are in marketing, entrepreneurship, education and public speaking. Years ago we began creating systems for our own families to balance tech use, and when we found a system that works, we shared it with a few people, who then shared it with their friends and the word spread. Our solutions were so helpful to those families who used it, we fine tuned the course and now we’re ready to share it with you!

It’s a self-paced online multimedia curriculum comprised of a series of modules with several lessons that break down the topic into smaller chunks. The format is engaging, multimedia lessons designed for both audio and visual learners. Every module includes video lessons, printable transcripts, downloadable worksheets and access to our private Facebook community where members can connect with like-minded parents, ask for support or share victories. Some modules include recommendations for additional reading or viewing -- books, TED Talks and podcasts -- or technology tools we love. For those who opt for the full series classes, we add weekly live coaching calls, an invaluable resource. After your one time purchase of the full boot camp, you’ll get lifetime access to the content and community and as we update and improve it over time.

The screen parenting topic is ideal for online learning -- it’s designed for busy parents who need flexible schedules. Our ability to deliver sophisticated, interactive instruction has never been better. We’ve pulled together several modalities to communicate complex theories in practical, actionable lessons. Sitting in pajamas on the living room couch while interacting with each lesson module can make learning relaxing and even fun.

There’s plenty of information out there but the information is disjointed. We’ve invested years culling through the information available, and testing systems on our own families. We walk you through the whole process step by step - it’s a personalized, parent-based approach. We’re serious and introspective, but we also make learning together fun - we’ve got to laugh! Parent control hardware, software and routers alone can be hacked by teens and often fail due to unidentified interdependencies of behavior, devices, operating system, Internet speed, etc. Industry-wide solutions or legislating change will come slowly and suggest a one size fits all solution is viable.

Avoid wear and tear on your relationships -- with your teen, your spouse and yourself. Armed with the knowledge, guidance and support to make difficult, yet healthy behavior changes, you’ll feel a newfound confidence in the way you parent. You’ll be one of the few people taking ACTION to address one of the society’s biggest challenges for this generation of parents raising teenagers. We offer a balanced solution. We open your eyes to the good aspects of structure, and the potential pitfalls you may experience. Save time. All resources are located and organized in one place Self paced you can view when you have time and move on to the next one when you’ve had a chance to discuss it. Spend your budget wisely. An entire industry has emerged to sell parents peace of mind about unhealthy screen use. We have already bought, installed and tried most of them and will recommend only what works in real life. Our courses are a living breathing resource-we will improve over time.

For younger teens we guide you through topics such as: What’s the right age to give my kid a phone? What devices are appropriate? Should I monitor text and calls? What kind of parent control apps are most effective? How do I talk to my child about sexting, porn and other potentially offensive content they may see online? How to structure no screen zones and times. For Older Teens we Add Topics Such As How to handle social pressures from other families who use technology differently? Ways to make the screen contract feel empowering for the child. How can I encourage other parents in the community to offer similar contracts and enforce similar restrictions.


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