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We help parents, and in turn their children, live a more balanced life through moderating technology use, re-connecting as a family and building the cornerstones of time management and goal setting. 

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Just Getting Started

Are you considering giving your child a phone for the first time an want to protect him or her from the dangers of unmanaged access? Are you overwhelmed by the deluge of apps, tips and advice in the news? Want to do it the right way from the start

Already Overwhelmed

Like many of us, you gave your child a smartphone with few restrictions, not realizing the risks of overuse. Now aware of the threats of unhealthy media use, device proliferation and the normalization of distraction, you want to introduce structure and balance but are not sure how. 

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Take Control of Technology

Bootcamp Plus



For families ready to adopt a mindful approach to tech-use and get tech-life balance. 

  • Get control of technology in less than 4 weeks, ONLY 15 minutes per day!

  • Stop the constant fighting and nagging.

  • Model a healthy relationship with technology.

  • Set and enforce limits with confidence.

  • Create new, healthy habits.

  • Connect with like minded parents.

  • Stay informed on the best research and tools available.

Take Control

What is Bootcamp?

The right information, the right coaching and the right community.

Series 1: Achieve Tech-Life Balance

Community Support

Parenting Tips for the ScreenAge

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