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Discover how to set limits, stop screen battles and protect your family's mental health. Take control of technology before it controls you.  

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At ScreenAge Bootcamp, we noticed the negative effects technology was having on our kids and how it was impacting the whole family. We don't want to rely on the tech giants for a comprehensive solution, so we created one ourselves. Don't let them fool you into believing parents can be replaced with tech control software. The most effective instrument in our tool-box is our Screen Contract. Get access to the video training, download the contract templates and get support in our coaching community. Take control of technology in your home.

Included in this subscription:
Getting Started With a Screen Contract

Learn from moms and kids how Screen Contracts can work for all families.

Meet Marissa...

A mom who implemented a Screen Contract with her kids

Meet Blaise...

A teenager who agreed to sign a Screen Contract with her parents

Meet Ryan...

A tween who agreed to sign a Screen Contract with his parents

Meet Sherri...

A mom who implemented a Screen Contract with her kids

And...use a child-parent family agreement customized for your family.

Learn how to create positive change for kids and parents. Improve connections, align tech use with family values and create new healthy habits.

Is your family set
to endure the relay race of life?

Learn how to work as a team with parents in the lead, modeling the best tech-use form, keeping on track and avoiding tripping hazards. Pick up your teammates when they fall and show them how to avoid mistakes in the future. The ultimate win in this race is when your kids are finally ready, through years of practice and your help, to make wise choices and run with the baton all by themselves. That is the greatest victory of all!

How can a Screen Contract help?

  • Develop a common language to resolve differences
  • Stop the constant nagging about screens
  • Establish the role of tech use as a privilege, not a right
  • Increase your confidence in parenting
  • Reduce distractions and get more done
  • Form deeper connections with family and friends

"Screens were affecting our family in disturbing ways - I was overwhelmed. Both kids need computers for homework and since we both work full time, we often don't get home until dinner. The ScreenAge Bootcamp team recommended the right technology and helped us adapt the Screen Contract for our family. Getting the phones out of their rooms changed things immediately. Now they leave the phones in the kitchen at night, and I can tell they wake up refreshed in the morning. They are still teenagers, but at we feel more in control and will continue to manage the way screens show up in our family."

Regina, mom of 15 and 13-year-old girls

"My son was spending more and more time on his phone and less time in after-school activities and socializing. Besides the challenges of normal adolescence, my son is dyslexic, so he has to try 3x as hard to get good grades, and finds the work boring. The ScreenAge Bootcamp team helped him see the light at the end of the tunnel with the goal setting exercises - breaking down success into smaller chunks and giving him a vision of his future beyond high school."

Bridget, Mom of a 17-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl

Take back control of technology in your home! 


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