A Mom's Guide to Summer Sanity: Get Your Kids Off Screens Without Nagging, Screaming and Fighting

May 11, 2019

Happy Mother's Day to all women out there raising children with a feminine touch, an iron fist, and a persistent headache from fighting about screens.  

Soon, it will be summer "break", that magical time of year when teachers get to return the little darlings they've enjoyed for months back to their parents. Kids get to sleep late, hang out with friends and play outside. Although family traditions vary, we can all count on long days, relaxing nights and family bonding. That's the plan anyway.

Unless, of course, your family owns a few digital devices. Today, most homes offer a cornucopia of options for plugging into the Matrix including laptops, connected TVs, iPads, smartphones, gaming consoles, smart speakers, and more. With daily school structure, team sports and homework out of the way, summertime with screen-obsessed kids can turn into a special kind of horror show. 

 Don’t get me wrong, I have choices.

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