The Brilliant Subtlety of Screen-Free Week: Swap Screens for Family Connection, Just for a Week

Apr 22, 2019

Turn Screen-Free Week into Screen-Free Summer for $97 w/Code: SFW

You’ve probably heard about the risks of screen overuse, the lure of addictive digital media and the concern that we may be putting our physical and mental health at risk. Maybe you’ve even read Cal Newport’s newest book, Digital Minimalism and thought about trying the 30-Day digital detox suggested. But then, there’s life, work, kids, and...behavior change is hard.

That’s why we’re going all in on Screen-Free Week (SFW), April 29-May 5, 2019! Why? Because unlike month-long sabbaticals, SFW is uniquely doable for ALL families. The program’s brilliance is its provocative name, yet flexible, practical guidelines. In an effort to help families turn Screen-Free Week into a Screen-Free Summer, we're offering $100 off our online course until the end of May. Enter code SFW

A National Celebration!  

SFW suggests we - families, schools and communities - replace passive,...

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  • Feeling you've lost control of screens? Yea, we all have. 
  • [Recreational] Screen-Free Week is an invitation to reduce hours spent on recreational screens and increase hours in the real world...being human.
  • Join us online Thurs. April 25, 12 pm PST for a Quickstart Workshop and Live Q & A to kick off Screen-Free Week 2019.
  • Invest 30 minutes to improve your family's quality of life. Register below!