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Technology has changed everything from the way we learn to the way we socialize and love. It's our job as parents to guide children on how to use technology to enhance our lives rather than allowing it to control us. Since there was no guide to parenting in the ScreenAge, we built one. We believe long-term change requires more than an app, or a parent control device. Our programs provide a peer community, easy to consume courses and supporting materials to make the information actionable.

We hope you choose to join us in the fight to create tech-life balance. We help you define what tech-life balance looks like for your family, then create new healthy habits around tech-use and serve as your accountability partner as you maintain behavior changes over the long term.

Your Coaches

Meet Marissa...

In 2014 I felt the negative impact of technology in my home and started building systems to combat tech addiction. As screens proliferated every aspect of life, I refined my approach and immersed myself in the science of addiction, teen brain development and parenting trends. Using this information, I built a foundation for my family to create healthy habits around tech use and maintain tech-life balance. Over the last several years, I participated in a game-changing series of productivity boot camps which gave me the idea to help parents benefit from my knowledge. After aligning with my wonderful partner Sherri - the Ying to my Yang - we spent nearly a year to create a unique solution for all parents and we're thrilled to finally share it with you.

Meet Sherri...

After having children, I chose to adapt my business career to my new priorities. I spent many years volunteering by leading public service projects and fulfilling roles in both public and private local schools. Being a problem solver at heart and having spent much time with both educators and families, I look forward to applying my experience to delivering curriculum at ScreenAge Bootcamp to help fellow parents bring balance to their homes and raise resilient, confident children.

In the News

Online Coaching Platform Calls Parents to Action

To Protect Kids from Digital Media Addiction in the ScreenAge


OAKLAND, CA - September 25, 2018 -- ScreenAge BootCamp (SABC) today announced the first all-inclusive solution for parents who are overwhelmed by the deluge of advice and tools available to limit tech use and preserve their families’ mental health. Unlike one-size-fits-all control apps, or industry change initiatives, ScreenAge Bootcamp’s programs are led by parent coaches, customizable for any family and available immediately starting at $9 per month.

“The information isn’t getting to parents in a way they can understand and use,” said Anya Kamenetz, lead education blogger at National Public Radio and author of The Art of Screen Time, How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life. “Parenting in the digital age is nuanced and personal - not something to be solved with an app, phone control or contract. The winning formula is a combination of positive, supportive family relationships and age-appropriate structure.”

Nonprofits are documenting digital media threats and tech companies roll out new controls daily, but neither are actionable alone. Common Sense Media’s 2018: Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences revealed that while 72% of teens know they’re being manipulated by social media, they are still unwilling to change their behavior. While kids may want limits, their brains are not yet equipped to resist the lure of addictive media.

“Tech addiction is the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ of our time,” said Marissa Verson Harrison, co-founder of ScreenAge Bootcamp. “Like global warming - the negative outcomes are hard to quantify, habits are entrenched and denial is easy. It’s a complex problem, normalized by society. Yet parents -- not tech companies or institutions -- are uniquely qualified to shape their child’s values. Teaching kids how to manage digital media in daily life is our moral obligation as parents raising digital natives.”

The ScreenAge Bootcamp multimodal platform combines the most effective elements of elite bootcamps -- online courses, live coaching, community support and tech control advice -- a proven system for behavior change.

SABC’s subscription-based programs start at $9 per month, allowing parents to choose the program that fits their family's needs. For parents introducing devices for the first time, Bootcamp Basic offers video tutorials, downloadable templates and a moderated private coaching community. For parents whose kids are already using devices, or those seeking to curb their own use, Bootcamp Plus offers an immersive experience with additional content and extensive live coaching.

ScreenAge BootCamp will be rolling out a full series of courses to help parents raise focused, confident kids in the “ScreenAge.” Coaching topics will include tech-life balance, cultivating focus, time management, goal setting and life skills -- the stuff they don’t teach kids in school.

Top 5 Things Parents Should do First

  1. Look in the Mirror: Be mindful of your own use and change your own bad habits first. Your role modeling healthy tech-use habits is an extremely powerful motivator and kids smell hypocrisy.
  2. Narrate Use: If you must use your phone with your kids in the room, narrate what you’re doing and why. Demonstrate that you value time with them and face-to-face relationships are more important than incoming “pings.”
  3. Maintain the Relationship. Parent-child relationships are already stressed during adolescence as teens become more independent. When frustrated, repeat the mantra “be more mature than the teenager.” Once you’ve lost the relationship, you’ve also lost the ability to influence their behavior.
  4. Get Involved: Instead of how was your day, you might ask, did you see anything interesting online today? Ask what social media accounts they use and ask to see their profiles. If they love video games, try playing with them.
  5. Use Monitoring. A whole industry of tech monitoring tools has flooded the market in 2018 -- read the reviews and chose the one that works for you. If you trust your kids are not overusing digital media, the monitoring will prove you right. But adolescence is hard and behaviors change quickly, it’s best to set up monitoring as a condition of use.


About The Company

ScreenAge BootCamp (SABC) is the first online coaching platform to offer a series of integrated online courses and support communities for parents who are overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting adolescents in the “ScreenAge.” SABC combines multimedia lessons, technology recommendations, live coaching and community support. For more information or to signup, go to: https://screenagebootcamp.com/

Press contact: Juliet Travis, Liftoff Communications

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