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The adolescent brain is NOT prepared...

...scientist, doctors, psychologists, and educators all agree.

What is ScreenAge Bootcamp?

An online coaching platform for families to create tech-life balance in the ScreenAgeAfter years of research, testing on our own families and talking to hundreds of parents, educators and experts, we’ve created a realistic, family-centered solution you can start today. Learn to:

  • Establish realistic boundaries around tech use.
  • Adopt new habits to manage distractions.
  • Manage how digital media influences your life.
  • Prepare your kids for the future in a tech-driven world.
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Stop Screen Battles

Learn how to guide your teen to use technology as a tool for a better life, not as a social crutch.

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ScreenAge Bootcamp will help you

Improve Relationships

Demonstrate to your teen how to be present in relationships and engage wholeheartedly in activities with friends and family.

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ScreenAge Bootcamp will help you

Plan for the Future

Help your teen plan for the future using vital life skills like time management and person to person communication.

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Parenting Doesn't End at Adolescence - It Changes

We've all been through the craziness of adolescence. The first taste of adulthood and responsibility while confronting hormones and brains that are on overload. Today's teens couple this with a continuous stream of entertainment and social media. Just like when we were young, teens need parents to give them vital guidance to help them navigate into the world of adulthood in a digital age.

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